If you are planning to operate a website, you need an efficient hosting provider to enjoy maximum benefits from your site. With so many providers in the market, it is hard to tell which one offers you great service. Judging by the number of customers, it is easy to tell that Hostgator is one of the market leaders in the web hosting business. Boasting hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients, the company is known for providing a reliable and efficient hosting service. Hostgator not only caters for individuals and small businesses but it also caters for large companies. The provider also offers hosting reseller services to interested customers.

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Hostgator Features

The company has a number of packages for various clients. However, even the most basic package comes with exciting features that include:

  • You get unlimited disk space
  • Comes with unlimited bandwidth
  • You get unlimited domains
  • You benefit from unlimited sub domains
  • Has unlimited FTP accounts
  • You enjoy unlimited email addresses
  • Has unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Comes with a private SSL
  • Has a shared SSL
  • You get a dedicated IP

You also get email Auto Responders The service provider has many other additional features that are very useful. Depending on your needs, you can choose a package that offers you exactly what you are looking for.

Hostgator Benefits

Looking for the perfect web hosting provider is not an easy task. A look at the players in the market reveals that a few have some of the features you are looking for but none seems to have everything in one package. Before I learned about Hostgator, I had used other services but since then I have decided this is the perfect hosting service for me. It comes with many advantages such as unlimited disk space and bandwidth. If you expect your business to expand rapidly, then you need a service that does not limit you such as the one offered by Hostgator. In case you are looking for a reliable service with an impressive uptime, you will not be disappointed. The Hostgator service has an uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent which means the service is on virtually all the time. Any extra features on the hosting packages are always welcome. When you subscribe to Hostgator you get free web building tools, numerous free website templates and Google adwords worth $100. A well designed cPanel for control panel allows you to do a lot more such as activating shopping carts, forums, blogs, portals and website statistics easily. With your business dependent on emails, you have a choice of 3 web based email services. You also get unlimited auto responders, email aliases and mailing lists. A hosting business is as good as its customer support service. No matter how good the service is, if a hosting has poor customer service, customers will feel let down. At Hostgator you can choose to communicate through an email ticket system, a live chat or even via phone depending on the urgency of your problem.