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Reseller hosting is a kind of web hosting. The owner of account has the ability to use the allotted bandwidth to host the websites and the hard drive space. The reseller will purchase the host service in large quantities and then it is sold to the customers. By selling the host services it makes the profit for the resellers. Some portion which is related to the hard drive space and the bandwidth is allocated to the reseller account. The reseller will hire a dedicated server from the hosting company or reselling the hosting services which is been shared. Permission will be given to the reseller to sell few amounts of disk space and bandwidth to their own customers. It is done without renting a server from the web hosting company.

Reseller hosting features

Reseller hosting offer you a lot of reseller hosting services to choose reseller packages that are offered as private label. Reseller hosting allow you to order every component based on your requirements to ensure your website is not hosted with anyone else. The other features include checking the amount of traffic, web space, emails and databases that you can re-sell and whether Linux and Windows accounts are offered or not and what are the programs are offered to clients. Reseller hosting offer long lasting relationships from execution to launch of your significant websites and perform hosting of websites within your investment.

$ 25 / month
$ 50 / month
$ 100 / month

Why reseller hosting?

The reseller hosting may be a web developer, system integrator. They offer the web hosting as add on service. To start a company, the reseller hosting is the cheapest way for the web hosting. The plans of reseller hosting will allow the resellers to create the own service plans and also they can choose the price structure of their own. It does not require any extensive knowledge. The network infrastructure is maintained by the data center operator. Through the web interface the reseller can manage the customer accounts. This feature typically earns a high profit margin for the dealership. The value services are managed effectively. It enhances the value of products and it can be resold by including complementary services or products as a part of the package.

The reseller hosting is a type of web hosting which used in designing of web. The web designer will use the reseller hosting mainly for the purpose of control panel and web servers. Various plans are included in the reseller hosting and they involves unlimited bandwidth service and web spacing’s. Google website commonly involves in reseller hosting. The web hosting connects various operating systems that usually consist of Linux and UNIX. The host reseller plan is a suitable method followed by hosting company. The reseller plan can add value to your web server and hosting plans for an existing web designer.

Customer support

We offer you high level of support from start till the end with high quality hosting services. If you have setup a private label solution, you require time to finish it within time. Any kind of support issues like forgetting of log in details, site’s database crashing are fixed efficiently.